Customisation on state-of-the-art CNC machines

You are the expert when it comes to the specifications and applications of your mattresses, we have the technical solutions to cut your foams.

Dimensionally accurate cuts and the use of moulded and punched parts as well as section pressings ensure a highly custom look of your mattresses and excellent, restful sleeping comfort.

Gluing, knit-finishing, and upholstering

To ensure consistently high quality, we process your products with precision, efficiency, and a love for detail.

The use of cutting-edge gluing lines and fully automatic netting lines enables high throughput speeds and guarantees excellent finishing results.

Packaging and shipment

New technologies and innovative ideas are paving the way for a successful future.

For example, the vacuum pressing process and carton shipping of roll-packaged products are required for efficient drop-shipping and quick and easy delivery.

You can choose where the parcel is delivered: to your trade partner or directly to your end customer.