AquaSoft – Soft-touch technology with a dash of freshness!

This silky-soft foam is the perfect complement to upholstered or bedding products made with CT foams.

The special formula results in a material with hydrophilic properties, which stands out through its extremely high air permeability, creating dry and fresh sleeping conditions. AquaSoft also retains its perfect durability under the influence of moist heat.

With its elasticity and optimum freedom of movement, AquaSoft is a particularly popular material in pillows and mattress toppers, and the perfect alternative for those consciously forgoing viscoelastic properties.  
AquaSoft is also a stunning material for use in upholstered supports for seating furniture, offering an attractive combination with fleece wadding thanks to its excellent durability.

AquaSoft is available in densities of 32 kg/m³ and 40 kg/m³.