VILAX ® – the comfortable lightweight and especially durable foam

For those who like it light, but still want all the comfort. Our experts know how it’s done:

By using an innovative blend of raw materials, combined with process optimizations, the polymer structure is modified such that the resulting foam has excellent properties for long use and outstanding material durability in spite of its low density of 35 kg/m³.
VILAX® also retains its excellent properties under the influence of moist heat and therefore offers an excellent alternative to cold foams with densities below 40 kg/m³.
VILAX® is particularly well suited for

Affordable yet durable entry-level models for the mattress industry
·         Upholstered furniture with a flexible foam feeling thanks to the excellent elasticity
·         Applications with technically permissible maximum weights – such as the automotive
                and caravan industries – without making any compromises when it comes to comfort and