The pillow is just as vital to good and healthy sleep as a good bed paired with a perfect mattress. Good pillows offer a vital contribution to an optimal positioning of the cervical spine. The perfect combination of pillow, mattress, and slat frame ensures that the body is kept in the ideal position, following the curvature of the spine.

Besides our standard range of basic pillow models, we will also gladly manufacture your special pillow with a range of foams, in accordance with your custom specifications. Whether with special pressure-relieving characteristics or optimum support, together we will find the right solution for any use profile.

We collaborate with you to design pillows for all types of sleepers. Regardless of whether the pillow is intended for those who sleep on their stomach, side, or back, you can design soft, semi-rigid, or rigid pillows with a fixed or variable height and a wide range of profiles tailored to your customers.


Toppers can be used to achieve a more refined resting experience. A topper can offer an extra soft reclining experience, but also support the functioning of mattresses ergonomically attuned to the body. Our toppers form the perfect transition between the mattress and body, guaranteeing an optimal temperature balance and the greatest possible comfort when resting.
In a certain sense, toppers “conserve” the mattress, for greater durability and a longer service life. What’s more, toppers bridge the gap between two mattresses in a double bed, which many find uncomfortable.
We produce custom toppers made from a wide range of foams for you, according to your specifications or desired properties, applications, and functionalities. The surface of the topper can either be smooth or fitted with profiles of your choice. Here, more pronounced contours result in a softer resting sensation. Of course, the topper can also be divided into various zones, similar to our mattresses. This promotes an ergonomic resting position.