Our employees are supported by equally skilled metal partners.

In our four plants, cutting-edge CNC cutting units, processing machines, and robots process the foam according to your requirements. Benefit from our extensive machine fleet.

Areas of application

We specialise in a broad range of industries with an equally broad range of services. Reputable companies have been trusting in our expertise and outstanding quality for many years.

Depending on customer requirements, we produce semi-finished products for further processing as well as end products ready for sale. Our PUR semi-finished products are used in a wide variety of industries.

CNC Assemblies

The cutting of any contours – horizontal, two or three dimensional, and vertical –
following your specifications


Producing cuts of any dimensions

We add various grooves, diagonal cuts, or edge roundings to your items


Manufacturing of various items with nubbed profiles

Manufacturing of bossed or stamped items

Drilling of plates or cores

Knit-finishing of mattress cores and pillows

Manufacturing of pattern cuts